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What should be branded???

So, I've gone on and on about why your brand is important and how to define it, but what the heck do you do with it?

What about your company should be branded? Essentially, everything. Your brand should be consistent and reflected in any communication or experience you have with the outside world, your employees included.

Now for small businesses and start-ups, this can seem impossible or cumbersome. So to begin, just start with your front line...logo, website/online presence, brochures, and even signage. It is important that these look professional and consistent (same colors, fonts, message). Be sure any written materials web or printed are proofed and are relatable to your target audience.

As a quick example, I will go into some of the thought behind my branding choices.

Logo: My logo is a snarky, confident little dog ready to brave the world and run with the big dogs. It is meant to be a symbol of my clients (and myself).

Color: I chose green to symbolize growth and helping small businesses meet their goals. I know exactly what the color values are for my green too so I can use the exact same green on everything I do.

Tone: At the end of the day I want to be a friendly, trusted resource for all things marketing and brand related. I try to keep things light and entertaining but more importantly educational and enriching.

Fonts: I have chosen fonts that are common and available on multiple platforms, and I keep them consistent where possible. Some tools or platforms are limiting, but I have been able to find something that is at least close. It is also important that fonts are easy to read.

Application: You will see these elements resonated on multiple platforms from my website to my blog to social media, but I also use the same elements for my print materials and documents. My business cards, quotes, invoices, letterhead, etc. all maintain these same set elements.

Have you thought these elements through? Need some guidance? Well, you know where to find me!

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