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Do you like me? Circle Yes or No.

Judging by the little dog's face, her answer to the question above would be a solid NO. If you read my last blog post, you should now understand the importance of having a well-thought brand. If you haven't, then back that thang up to my last post. I went over the fact that people make decisions based on their emotions about a company or brand, and it is important that you are sending out "good vibes" so you do not get overlooked. There are a few things you should analyze before you begin branding your company:

  • Who are my competitors?

  • How am I different from my competitors?

  • Who are my customers?

  • Who am I?

  • How do I want to make my customers feel and think about my brand?

Branding Case Study: Little Dog Marketing

I'll go ahead and put myself out there, which is scary, but I've done far crazier things (like quit my job to chase a dream). Here are my thoughts behind my own brand and how I want to be perceived.

Competitors: Gosh, I'm up against some very sexy, sophisticated and capable marketing/advertising/design firms. Some have been around for years and have major national and local clientele. They have talented support staff that can focus on specialized skills. And the list goes on and on. <insert self-doubt here>

Differentiators: I'm just one girl working out of her spare bedroom. However, I have a varied background and varied experiences and a drive for helping small businesses that need support, guidance and/or a bit of a different perspective. I have very low overhead and can offer my help to those who likely can't afford the big, sexy ad agency or maybe can't afford to hire a full-time staff member. And lastly, I provide a comprehensive view of marketing and brand initiatives and educate my clients on how to best implement these practices.

Customers: Small to mid-sized businesses and start-up companies that need guidance and some polishing up. I'm not going after the Coca-Cola's and Cane's of the world... they simply don't need me. My customers have small budgets and need to make smart choices when it comes to their marketing spending. They need to be confident about where their hard-earned money is going.

My second favorite subject (next to my doggie): Me!! So, I'm a little full of myself, but the marketer in me will spin it as confidence. I am a passionate, independent, funny, dog-loving, old soul, momma's girl, the cool aunt, and perpetual little sister (honestly I have only one brother, but dozens of honorary big bros). I can talk to just about anyone. I am naturally curious and believe that not knowing how to do something is not an excuse for not doing it... I figure it out!! I am driven by helping others and making a meaningful impact. (Ok, Meg, you're making yourself blush... move on...)

All the feels: So how do I want people to feel about me? I want people to like me!! Really like me!! People generally hire people they like. I am friendly, honest, funny, smart, professional and passionate, and I hope that comes through with my branding choices.

Stay tuned and subscribe! My next blog post will focus on how to put your newly defined brand into action and where to start. And since I've gone down the path already, I'll go through the strategy behind some of my brand choices.

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