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Whoooo are you??? Who? Who?

Entrepreneurs are popping up everywhere. It is a fact that the millennial generation is creating nearly twice as many new businesses as baby boomers, and it seems that working for yourself is becoming the dream. I know it was for me! In recognizing this trend, I then started noticing the lack of guidance in branding or lack of branding all together.

Next time you are making a purchase decision, take a step back and analyze your process. What is making you disregard one option over another?

Did you know that people make purchase decisions from the limbic center of the brain? (Meghan, you nerd... what in the ham sandwich is the limbic center of the brain?!?!) The limbic center of the brain has no capacity for details, facts, or statistics. This part of the brain manages your feelings and emotions. So despite how much great information you may offer about your processes or systems or stats on performance, people are still going to trust their gut about you. You have to "feel" like a good choice. Far out, right?

What's worse is that in this day and age, you often have milliseconds to instill these "good vibes" to your audience and/or customers. Consumers are regularly bombarded with information and often have to make split-second decisions and judgments based on this first impression to help weed out the clutter.

Thus, your brand! Your brand often dictates you or your company's first and most important impression. It should reflect a carefully-crafted message that is of course representative of what you do but also instills trust, makes you likable, gives everyone the warm fuzzies, all that other hippie-dippy stuff. If you are not portraying the idea of trustworthiness, likability, quality, passion, etc., you may very well be overlooked.

Ok, ok... you get the point. Now how do you figure out your brand, and how do you implement it? Subscribe to this blog or follow Little Dog Marketing on social media to find out. I'll be addressing these questions in my upcoming posts.

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