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What a hit to the ego??

So why am I doing this now? Because no one wanted me... Well, not exactly. I had a good job and got paid well, and I obviously left to explore other passions and learn new skills. However I admit it, I have had LinkedIn and Indeed sending me daily emails about available marketing positions for years. I'll call it research, because it helped me to develop my theory on where the marketing field is going within small to mid-sized companies. Fewer and fewer options were available for management and director-level positions, yet I saw several hundreds of opportunities for entry-level or those with about 3-5 years of experience. I have even seen part-time positions become a trend. My interpretation is a tightening of the purse strings. Companies, especially small businesses, cannot afford to hire someone full-time with my level of experience (10 years if you are wondering). Ouch!! Does no one but my mom think I'm worth it?!?! Ok... ok... so I won't take it too personally. It's just the way the market is, and in defeat comes opportunity. You see, the flip-side of that coin is that companies focused on saving money are actually wasting already limited resources on less strategic marketing decisions and an employee with a limited skill set. Small businesses need to rely on a diverse skill set and strategic planning to achieve their goals and conserve their resources. Ahem... queue my intro music... My goal is to employ planning and strategy to get the most out of your resources and investments in marketing. So, ummm... call me!

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